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Breast Health Technology

Our goal is to effectively treat patients based on their type of breast cancer. We do this by using the most advanced technology to detect the smallest of tumors and starting treatment as soon as possible.


Digital Screening and Diagnostic Mammography

Our Senographe Essential produces very high-quality images with a lower-than-average dose of radiation compared to most other mammography units. The Senographe Essential is ergonomically designed with patient comfort in mind.


Breast Tomosynthesis (3-Dimensional Mammography)

The latest technology in breast health is 3-dimensional mammography, which provides a better look inside the breast tissue (even in dense breast tissue) and increases the accuracy of diagnosis. UT Health uses the GE SenoClaire to take multiple images of the breast in order to create a 3-dimensional reconstruction of the breast, and we are the only facility in Tyler that has 3-D mammography. This is our standard of care, so all women who come to our breast center will receive 3-D mammography screenings.

Also, with the Senographe Essential we are able to perform high-resolution, limited-angle scans. There is minimal pressure on the breast during this procedure.

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Following a standard screening mammography, some women will need further testing. Our GE LOGIQ S8 Ultrasound is the perfect choice for providing exceptional, high-definition breast images that allow our radiologists to further examine an abnormal mammogram.


Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI)

The GE Discovery Molecular Breast Imaging System can accurately detect small tumors as small as a pencil eraser. Designed to provide consistent, high-quality images, MBI allows physicians to identify cancers when they may not yet be visible with mammography or ultrasound.


Contrast-Enhanced Imaging

Using GE SenoBright Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammography, we combine digital mammography testing with contrast dye to produce breast imaging in minutes. In some cases, this type of procedure may be used instead of a breast biopsy.


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